Durango, Colorado Wedding Photographers and Elopement Adventurers

Your love story deserves to be told. We don't just want to make your day special, we want to give you a timeless result - your wedding memories, that you can revisit and share endlessly. Those memories need to have a cohesive style, quality, and story behind it all. It is your day; but you also want it to be about everyone's day - everyone who has come to show you love and support. It is a day that has a story. From the beginning to the 'happily every after', you want that story to be captured and told.

Booking us for wedding photography, videography, DJ Sound and Lighting, and our one-of-a-kind mobile photobooth allows us to truly function as one, and helps us to build that thematic story of your wedding day. We work as a team, rather than separate professionals. Instead of one person doing everything that relates to one aspect of our clients' needs, you get a group of people who are rooting for you and who all are on the same page. All moving parts coalescing to form a powerful operation.

Even if you only want to book one of our services, rather than all, our goal is to make the planning process - and your day, as easy as possible. We get to know what you like prior to your ceremony, and on the wedding day you just enjoy it - rather than thinking what and how it is going to be captured. Less stress, more finesse.​

If you are getting married, the first step is to introduce yourself and your fiancé.  You'll let me know what you already have planned or have envisioned for your wedding, and then we will meet either in person or online to discuss the various wedding packages available.  We offer flexible and fair pricing plans that enable you to make multiple payments, and we help you choose which services we would be a good fit for.  Contact me, or download our "Wedding Planning and Pricing Guide" to get all of the deets.  Let your shoulders drop, and take a deep breath... it's all gonna be okay and we'll help cut out most of the stress of planning your wedding so you can get on with enjoying this (relatively) short season in life of being "engaged".