A letter to students.
Learn what it means to be a

I Believe

Your Senior year is a moment to be celebrated.  You're on the brink of adulthood and you're in the prime of your life.  You are only a senior once, and your story deserves to be told and you deserve to have an #epic experience.

I want to Celebrate

Your ENTIRE senior year.  We want to celebrate your entire year -- not just a half day session in the summer before you have even begun your Senior classes.  You and your parents should be able to celebrate your senior year "unplugged".  Dad wants to see you shoot that three pointer live in person, not through an LCD screen.  Mom loves more than just the session where you're all dolled up... she also wants those shots of you signing to your college, even if your hair is up in a messy bun.  THAT is the story of your senior year, and THAT is what makes you different and unique.  It isn't just the glitz and glam (even though I'll get that too)!


I thrive when I

Have presented Clients with photos that I know they will cherish for the rest of our lives.

I Like

To work with enthusiastic people.  People who are excited about the "pomp and circumstance" of everything that goes involved with hearing "Pomp and Circumstance" at their own graduation.

I Love

To help you express yourself to your fullest, and to provide you with the "look" you're going for during your Senior Session. I absolutely LOVE being able to be versatile with my shooting style so,If you want an "airy and feminine" look or. an "edgy and high contrast" look, You are in the right place.  Industry professionals say it's better to have a signature look, but you and I both know that some rules are made to be broken.  I can help you to express your style(s) -- even if it isn't "cookie-cutter".  If you're anything like me, you're a creature of "many hats" and you deserve to have all of those facets of your personality recognized.


I Know

That you want your session to be unique. I also know that you are anything but basic, and you deserve to have your story told. Unless you become a model or commission private personal photo sessions in the future, your Senior Session is the ONLY photo shoot that will be dedicated solely to YOU.  You deserve to be treated to this phenomenal experience at least once in your life.


I Want You to Feel

Confident.  Sure, I want you to see how beautiful you are through my photos, but I also want to make you feel validated knowing that you are worthy, cherished, loved, and unique.  I want to be your platform to express yourself to the very fullest.  


I Want You to Remember

That this is experience is just as much about your parents as it is about you.  Let your senior session be the day that Dad straightens your tie, or your Mom helps you to put your necklace on.  Let's create an experience for you and your parents that will be cherished for the rest of your lives.  Also, remember to please be patient with your parents.  Know that they love you with all of their hearts, and I want you to remember and feel their love.  You are their baby, and there's a good chance you'll be leaving home soon.

I Think You'll Shine

When you take the time to allow me in to see who you are and to allow us to create session(s) that are truly a collaboration between each of us as artists.



Because you are a one of a kind, special, and deserve only the very best.

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