A letter to parents.
Your Baby is about to leave the nest.  That's a big deal, and we know it!
Hey Mom or Dad, let's meet!


Welcome and congratulations on your graduating Senior!  Senior year is a time to celebrate, a time to remember, and most likely a time that is just a bit "bittersweet" —  especially for parents who's students who will be moving out of the nest in just a short matter of time.

My goal is to help tell your child's "story".  That means much more than what traditional photographers offer, which may be just one or even a handful of sessions before senior year begins.  I want to dig in deeper, and actually attend their games or dress rehearsals.  I want to be there to document their signing to a college and to be at their awards ceremony.  No other photographer that I know of offers this service, and it is what I believe is the most important aspect of documenting your child's senior year.  Of course, we want your son or daughter to participate in fun, styled individual and group shoots where they look absolutely amazing, but I also want to be able to delve in deeper and to help you celebrate along with your child, completely unplugged.

The whole unplugged  idea actually originates from the wedding world, where Brides and Grooms ask their attendees to please leave the cell phone camera at home, and instead trust that their photographer will be able to capture everything that they need for their special day.  I present to you the same concept, but related to your child's senior year.  If you have a son or daughter who is active in many activities at school, this especially applies to you.  You should know, I may not be able to attend every single event or game -- but I make certain to do my very best.  In the past four years of shooting high school seniors, there have only been two events where I was not able to attend.  Part of the experience I offer to my subjects' parents is the opportunity to live in the moment and truly experience their son or daughter's accomplishments without having to worry about capturing a shot.  Get that phone out of your face.  Leave your camera in your pocket or purse.  Let me capture "the shot".  That's why you see me on the sidelines of every football game, or shooting seniors and their parents on senior night of football and basketball games.  I have an amazing relationship with our local schools, and they have been gracious enough to afford me with the opportunity to get access to vantage points that most other high school senior photographers could only dream of getting.

When it comes to shooting an actual session, there are a couple of things I would like you to know.  First, for the Class of 2020, I have hired Isabella Putnam (who is a Class of 2020 DHS Student) to attend almost all of my sessions with me to the best of her ability.  This means that your son or daughter never has to feel alone during the process of their individual shoot.  Her services are completely free for my #SeniorStorytellers team, and she will be doting on your child just as if they were a movie star.  Beyond helping me with lighting, she will be offering concierge services which will include the ability to offer chilled water, juice and snacks on location.  We also have a "beauty box" which has all of the essentials from barrettes and bobby-pins to hair ties, makeup touch-up kits and hand held mirrors so that your kid is looking TOP NOTCH throughout the shooting process.  Second, it is important for you to know that you are always welcome to attend ANY session that your child is at.  Honestly, my favorite sessions are the ones where I get to work with kids and their parents several times over the course of the year.  Finally, I want for you to know as a parent that your family values are my paramount consideration when it comes to working with your child.  Particularly for those of you with daughters, if you have expectations regarding the dress and makeup style your daughter uses, I would ask that you PLEASE let me know in advance of a shoot (you can email or text ahead of time so your kid isn't embarrassed).  My greatest joy in life is getting shots that both kids and parents want.  Let's talk about the style that works in conjunction with your family values, and please make sure your child knows your expectations as well, especially if you can't be at a shoot.  Please make sure that your child shows up to their shoot in an outfit and makeup style that you're cool with.  Finally, in respect to your child and your family's privacy, I want you to know that my policy is to only grant gallery access and sell prints or digital photos of your son or daughter online.  This process is by virtue of giving a password to the "subject" (your son or daughter) and to the client (the parent(s) who sign the contract).  EVEN IF  a biological family member (such as an estranged parent) wants access to the gallery, I will not share the gallery password information with anyone other than the people noted above.  I will direct them to the client (the parents who signed the contract) to ask them for access to the gallery.  It is your job to let these other family members know whether or not they are permitted to see the photos of your son or daughter in their gallery.  This policy is in place to prevent all of the "crazies" (we all have one) in our family from getting access to photos of your child that you would rather they not have.  On the same note, you are totally permitted to share your child's gallery password with whomever you please.  In-Person photo sales are available upon approval/request of the Client.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this information that I've made available for parents online.  Your son or daughter has more than likely been thinking about their senior photo session since they were a freshman in high school and senior pics are a BIG deal.  All of my sessions include a free family photo session that you'll be able to participate in so that you can enjoy your family photos before your child moves on to college or enters "the real world".  If your child is part of the class of 2020 please fill out the information requested below to initiate having us contacting you with a request to meet in person! I look forward to providing you and your family with amazing photos!

DURANGO, COLORADO | durangofamilyphotography@gmail.com | Tel: 970-749-0211


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