Durango Photographers Tips For Session Day

If you have spoken to anyone who has shot with multiple photographers in this area -- you know, I'm the one who will rock out the awesome posing for you.  I'm even in the process of creating a posing guide for my senior clients that covers a wide range of posing ideas.  We've planned your session, we know that look we are going for, now let's make some magic!

Always a good idea: make sure that you have prepared well for your session.  No wrinkly or dirty clothes, no janky nails, be well-hydrated, and even though you're nervous and excited, try your very best to get a good night's sleep before your session.  Bring snacks so you're not hangry, and if you're a Teen or Senior: let your Mom or Dad come and help you!  Be nice to them.  This is as much of an experience for them as it is for you.  Let them dote on you, fix your hair, come up with some poses.  We'll let your parents help with lighting, help you with changing, or just be there for moral support and to witness the creation of these awesome photos!

DO NOT: change your skin care routine, get a spray tan, or get a sun-burn.  80% of spray tan artists are just awful, and if you are burned, that will be uncomfortable, and look pretty rough for your unedited photos.  If you have blemishes, cuts or nics from shaving, don't worry -- I gotchu.  Please don't try to cover blemishes in super thick foundation.  I prefer a bb or cc cream that will maintain skin texture and cute features like freckles, but will even your skin colors.  Ideally, you want to blend your color, and any blemishes that still shine through will be demolished by me in photoshop.  Unless it is just who you are, I suggest less makeup to more.  If your makeup is so thick that you lose the pore texture on your skin, your edits will have more of an "airbrushed" look as opposed to a natural dewy glow.  Somewhere in between is what is really perfect.