Our sessions include:
  • Flat Rate, all-inclusive pricing

No holding your images hostage for over-priced prints!  Full service sessions include a print release and access to ALL of your images (even the bloopers and light tests)​.

  • A $200 Edit Credit

We let you pick the photos we edit for you.  We charge $20 per photo for editing and retouching services.  Your session includes a $200 editing credit, making your first ten edits free of charge.​

  • Collaboration at its finest

We offer a free consultation either in-person or over the phone.  We can help to plan your location, outfit(s), aesthetic, and you'll be working with a photographer who is a posing-ninja during your session.  We show you the back of the camera as we are shooting to help you gain confidence and help you nail your session.

  • Photography Delivered via Online Gallery

Perfect for families from out of town or family reunions, our online gallery makes it easy for anyone to be able to access their photos from anywhere they can connect to the web.  No waiting for images to be edited and revealed in a fancy studio (photographers call in an in-person-sales (IPS) meeting in the industry).  Instead, cozy up to your computer in your favorite PJ's and enjoy picking the images you'd like us to edit for you.​

  • Enjoy ALL of Your Images

You get to keep ALL of the images that we take of you and your family, whether they are edited or not.  You can download images straight to your phone or computer that are high-resolution and include printing rights.

Every shoot includes a pre-consultation (either via phone, video or in person) so that we can discuss what you envision for hanging on your walls.  Gary and his team of photographers and videographers are well-equipped to match any style that fits within your family's aesthetic: Candid/Lifestyle, Posed, Studio, On-Location, etc.